In COVID-19 times, the Imply Group brought all its expertise to the development of solutions that can be useful for organizations to face the pandemic. We believe that technology has a leading role in this new moment that we live. With 17 years of successful projects in more than 125 countries, we have developed cutting-edge technologies to optimize your performance, innovate your management, maximize security and improve experiences.

Learn more about technologies that can take your operations to the next level:

Imply Health

Have you ever thought about how technology can help manage and reduce the exponential proliferation of the COVID-19 virus? Imply Health is an innovative platform with integrated tools for:

  • Optimize the management of access and occupation of establishments;
  • Optimize the temperature record of customers, visitors and employees;
  • Disseminate useful campaigns and information, in accordance with GDPR;
  • Promote compliance with public decrees established by the authorities to reduce COVID-19 transmissions;
  • Increase prevention through real-time information;
  • Reduce operating costs, and more!

Online Reservation & Virtual Queue

Our powerful Eleven360 Platform integrates a fast online booking system and virtual queues, with e-commerce and several integrated sales channels. Thus, your customers can book the date and time to visit your establishment, in a very practical way, through a smartphone, tablet or computer. In this way, you reduce the need for the public to have to wait in physical lines, promoting social distance and satisfaction. After all, nobody likes to wait in lines, right?

Management of Accesses & Capacity

A wide range of powerful tools to control access safely. Combining our experience in large events, advanced technologies, efficiency and reliability, we offer several solutions for controlling access to people and vehicles, with real-time monitoring.


When it comes to optimizing the performance of your business, cashless is the technology of the future! In addition to increasing people's security by reducing the physical touch associated with the use of money, the technology allows for faster and more secure financial transactions. Bet on innovation in payment methods along with an omnichannel strategy to elevate the customer experience.

Also ask us about white label solutions for E-Wallet, Digital Wallet, and Loyalty Programs.

Signage & Displays

We develop smart displays, for every need.

Our electronic displays maximize the impact and visibility of your disclosures, in order to reach the audience in places of great circulation of people.

Self Service

Serve your customers in more places and hours, in a modern and sophisticated way. Self-service kiosks are the perfect solution to streamline payments, sales, consultations and services. In this way, they help to reduce queues and waiting time. We create solutions that help our partners to optimize operations and scale the volume of services, in a practical and intuitive way. All of this allows to offer a positive experience, with efficiency, agility and security.

What solution can we create for you?

Each project we develop is done with one goal in mind: your complete satisfaction, offering innovative, practical and safe experiences.

Managers rely on reports and dashboards, with data in real time. The information allows you to optimize management, facilitating strategic decision making so that your business performs better and better.

With creative ideas, reliable technologies, and business models that adapt to your needs, we are your partners to develop solutions especially for you.

Count on our experience. Contact us now for more information:

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